Proven Fellhof quality

From the entire volume of leather produced, the best hides are selected and refined to create bullhide. Anyone who chooses a Fellhof bullhide purchases a hand-picked, long-lasting natural product with the absolute highest quality – designed by Mother Nature herself!

  • Each hide is unique
  • Real eye-catchers
  • The very highest quality
  • Premium natural product
  • More than 30 years of experience

Bullhide is a natural product from South American free-range cattle primarily bred and raised for their meat. That means that none of these animals die for their hide alone. In South America, the bullhides are elaborately tanned and refined and finally shipped around the world. Bullhide is incredibly durable and easy to care for. Whether displayed on a wall or the floor, bullhides are real eye-catchers. Please note: because bullhides are a natural product, no one hide is like another. For example, neck folds or burn marks may be visible on the fur, and the fur pattern and color of the undyed hides may differ from the hides shown in photos.

Furniture and interior